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Welcome to Chocolate Octopus Software

Welcome to Chocolate Octopus software, authors of Sudoku Assistant - the Sudoku trainer, and Clout - The Command Line for Outlook 2003.

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Out Now! Command Line for Outlook 2003 - Clout - is a way for Outlook 2003 users to speed up the entry of Appointments, Tasks, Journals and Notes.

Sudoku Assistant is the Sudoku Trainer for Windows.

Not only does the software generate and solve puzzles, it can explain to you why cells can be set to a value, with simple step-by-step instructions and on-screen highlighting of the appropriate cells, rows and columns.

Sudoku is a great workout for the mind, but many aspects of solving a puzzle can be frustrating and repetitive. The software is highly configurable, and you can choose to automate many of these tasks, as well as to give you hints and instructions on which cells can be solved next.


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